Title German:FREMD
Title English:FOREIGN
Country:Deutschland; Mali; Algerien; Marokko 2011
Aspect ratio:16:9
Language:OF franz./bambara m. dt. UT
Length:93 Minutes

Director :Faßbender, Miriam
Screenplay:Faßbender, Miriam
Cinematography:Faßbender, Miriam
Editing:Landeck, Andreas
Music:Vonderau, Christof
Sound:Lüde, Kai
Production company: Max Milhahn Produktion


On his way from south of the Sahara to the paradise of conceptions called Europe, Mohamed is constantly haunted by three questions: will I drown into the sea, will I get there, will I be banished once I am there? Foreign follows the journey of the young man from Mali to the vantage point to Europe. One of the oldest routes to a better life runs through Algeria to Morocco and finally to Spain.
The documentary gives face to migration across the Mediterranean. Mohamed, the first born of a family of seven, is sent travelling when the family has a need for a provider. The parents sell their cows to fund his way – turning back is not an option. On this years-long journey all sense of time disappears, and one’s worth as a human being is based solely on hope.

Recommendation, experience, material

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