Title English:BEAUTY
Country:Südafrika 2011
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:98 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XII

Director :Hermanus, Oliver
Screenplay:Hermanus, Oliver
Cinematography:Ramsay, Jamie
Editing:Combette, Jean-Baptiste
Music:Ludik, Ben
Sound:Bonneyrat, Xavier
Cast:Daneel, Roeline
 Diepeveen, Sue
 Keegan, Charlie
 Lotz, Deon
 Maritz, Albert
 Scott, Michelle
Producer:Costet, Didier
Production company:Moonlighting Films


Francois leads an apparently ordered existence as a businessman, father and husband, living in the bungalow district of the South African town of Bloemfontein, a largely Boer area. But he has a secret. He is homosexual and occasionally drives into the country to secretly meet other men. His encounter with 23-year-old Christian, his future son-in-law, shatters his controlled routine.

In the Boer community with its macho pioneer behaviour, homosexuality is condemned even to this day. Oliver Hermanus has broken a taboo in South Africa with his gripping drama. And to great acclaim, as his brave film has earned himsome awards.


Beim Festival in Cannes den „Queer Palm Award“ und von Südafrika auch für die Verleihung des Auslands-Oscars nominiert - als bester Spielfilm des Jahres 2011.

Queer Palm Award at Cannes and South Africa's submission to the Oscars for best foreign film in 2011.

«Queer Palm» au festival de Cannes et  il a été choisi pour représenter l’Afrique du Sud aux Oscars dans la catégorie meilleur film étranger.

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