Title English:THE ATHLETE
Country:Äthiopien; Deutschland 2009
Language:OF m. dt. UT
Length:92 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XII

Director :Frankel, Davey
 Lakew, Rasselas
Screenplay:Frankel, Davey
 Lakew, Rasselas
Cinematography:Moore, Toby
 Pfeiffer, Philip C.
 Spassov , Radoslav
 Taylor, Rodney
Editing:Frankel, Davey
 Mayer, Matt
Music:Meyer, Christian
Sound:Drost, Andreas
Cast:Dessalegn, Abba Waka
 Gedmintas, Ruta
 Lakew, Rasselas
 Malmberg, Dag
Producer:Welch, Darryn
Production company:Instinctive Film
 AV Patchbay
 El Atleta
 Riot Entertainment


Atletu is a moving portrayal of the legendary marathon runner Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia who participated in the Rome Olympics in 1960. The then unknown son of a shepherd ran the long distance in the capital of the former colonial masters barefooted. And he was the first African to win a gold medal. Four years later he repeated his success at the Tokyo Olympics, thus becoming the first person to win consecutive Olympic marathons. Back in Addis Abeba he became a legend. However, after a tragic blow of fate he had to face a much bigger challenge than in sports...

With its impressive archival footage, this fascinating feature film was screened at more than 50 international festivals.


U.a. in Rotterdam, Tarifa, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Berkshires und Minneapolis mit Preisen ausgezeichnet.
It won awards in Rotterdam,Tarifa, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Berkshires and Minneapolis, amongst others.
Il a reçu des prix à Rotterdam, Tarifa, Edimbourg, Stockholm, Berkshire et Minneapolis.

Dieser Film wurde untertitelt von: FilmInitiativ Köln e.V. und subtext berlin