Title French:MORT À VENDRE
Country:Frankreich; Belgien; Marokko 2011
Language:OF arab. m.dt.UT
Length:117 Minutes
Film series:Jenseits von Europa XII

Director :Bensaïdi, Faouzi
Screenplay:Bensaïdi, Faouzi
Cinematography:Batigne, Marc-André
Music:Horowitz, Richard
Sound:Janssen, Gert
 Mendez, Patrice
 Thomas, Luc
Cast:Benchemsi, Fehd
 Bensaïdi, Faouzi
 Elmechrafi, Imane
 Labied, Fouad
 Malzi, Mouhcine
 Rahile, Nezha
Producer:Brokemper, Bettina
Production company:Heimatfilm
 Entre Chien et Loup


A town that is under a permanantly low, heavy sky, three losers, a dream of grandeur, a jewellerystore, and a women who arrives in town...Malik, 26, unemployed, ismadly in love with Dounia, a prostitute at „La Passarella“ nightclub. He takes part in the heist so that he canget her out of there. Allal, 30, is a big and strong tough guy. He takes part in the heist so that he can try biggerfish in the drugs trade. Soufiane, 18, is avoiding going to school except for sports. He is agile and quick with an easy laugh... but oneday, hisworldisturnedupside down. He takespart in theheist so that he canrobthe Christian owneroftheboutique.

Director’s Statement on this „film noir“: „Tetouaniswherethisstorytakesplace. It's a prideful, abandoned, wounded northern town in whichviolenceandtraffickingarepresentalongside an ever-increasingfanaticism. It'sthe ideal locationfor a dark, violent film with a threadofwarpedhumour...“
Coproduced by Cologne’s production company “Heimatfilm”. CICAE award at the Berlin Film Festival section “Panorama” in 2012 for “documenting the social conditions of the youth before the Arab spring”.


2012 in der Sektion „Panorama“ der Berlinale für die „Dokumentation der soziale Lage Jugendlicher beim Ausbruch des arabischen Frühlings“: CICAE-Preis der Internationalen Vereinigung der Programmkinos.

CICAE award at the Berlin Film Festival section “Panorama” in 2012 for “documenting the social conditions of the youth before the Arab spring”.

Il a été présenté dans la section « Panorama » de la Berlinale de 2012 et a reçu le prix CICAE de la Confédération des cinémas d’arts et d’essai pour «sa force de document sur la situation sans issue d’une certaine jeunesse, au moment de l’éclosion des printemps arabes».

Director’s  Statement
Three losers, three small-time crooks, dreaming of a better life, of a new horizon of freedom, love, money, belief and belonging, will inevitably and tragically watch that horizon fade completely to black before them, starkly revealing the cowardice, treachery and pettiness of the human soul. They will come to realize, very late, that they don’t have the strength to shoulder their dreams or the depth of the kind of personalities they dream of becoming. That they cannot emerge unscathed from the battle against the great powers of money, greed, destiny, blind love, the manipulation of faith...
Narrating the romantic and exceptional destiny of the ordinary people we come across daily on every street corner…people suffocated by a political, economic and religious system. A world that has already been transformed and where sudden, primal, gratuitous violence can break out at any moment and destroy everything in sight, even those who generate it and think they can control or contain it…
It’s a film about the impossible desires that end up killing those who carry them, about trafficking and circulation of all sorts: of goods, of Men, of feelings… and of death when it’s the only thing we have left to buy or sell. So of death as a business, as a belief, as cowardice but also as bravery…

  • Filmstill "Death For Sale" Allall
  • Filmstill "Death For Sale"
  • Filmstill "Death For Sale" Allall
  • Filmplakat "Death for Sale" Berlinale
  • Filmstill "Death For Sale", Dounia and Malik