Title English:18 DAYS
Country:Ägypten  2011
Format:DVD, DCP
Language:OF arab. m.engl. UT
Length:125 Minutes
Film series:No More Fear

Director :Abdalla, Ahmad
 Alaa, Ahmad
 Ali, Mohamed
 Arafa, Sherif
 El Bendari, Sherif
 Hamed, Marwan
 Marei, Khaled
 Nasrallah, Yousry
 Ouf, Mariam Abou
 Zikri, Kamla Abou


In this episode film, 10 directors from Egypt describe their experienced, reported and fictitious stories around the 18 days of mass demonstrations, which on the 15th February lead to the fall of the dictator Mubarak. Amongst them is also Ahmad Abdalla, who was guest of the North African film series in Cologne in May 2011. There e.g. in the short film Retention are shown reactions of patients from a psychiatric institution to the events of the revolt and in Curfew the odyssey of a boy and his grandfather during the curfew in Suez. In Ashraf Seberto a barber’s shop transforms all of a sudden into a field hospital for wounded demonstrators. And # Tahrir 2 / 2 shows, how the brutal attacks of paid thugs on horses and camels in the Tahrir Square on the 2nd February changed the life of two people.
The film reel, which is discussed controversially by the Egyptian film industry, experienced its world premiere in Cannes in spring 2011.

Recommendation, experience, material

Trailer "18 Days"